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I don’t know if you know this, but an estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked every
single year (UNICEF estimate).I don’t know about you, but that angers me.
I don’t know if you know this, but I have two books of devotions (Reflections and A Spiritual
Kick up the Backside) available for you to buy. I’m not great at publicising them, so you may
not have heard of them. I guess I need to get Mark Driscoll or John Piper to publically
criticize them, and then sales will soar! (Actually, Mark Driscoll once called me a religious
nitpicker, surely that is worth a few sales!)
Anyway, I figured some of you may be interested in buying my books, but less interested in
giving money to me (for whatever reason). So for the next two weeks as an Easter special,
I’m going to give all the profit from copies of my books to Love146, which is a charity which
works to help child caught up in sex trafficking, an insanely worthy cause.

Everyone is a
winner- you get some great devotional books, my ego gets a boost as I get some sales, and
some young people get a hope and future that otherwise they would have been denied.
So other than to raise money to provide children who have been victims of sex trafficking
with safe housing, therapy, nutrition, medical care, education why should you buy my
books? Well there is lots of hopefully helpful teaching, people who have read them
generally have been really impressed by them (some have even bought extra copies to give
away), Reflections is probably the only Christian book to include quotes from John Mayer,
Ghandi, Taylor Swift and Mother Teresa on the one page, and A Spiritual Kick up the
Backside is probably the only Christian book with an “about the author” quote from Radio
One DJ Chris Moyles.
If you’ve read some of my posts on All4God you’ll know what to expect in terms of my
writing style and my belief that the Christian faith is not just for Sunday, and if you want to
get some good books and support a great cause, now is the perfect time to make a wee purchase – just click here. Thanks!

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