A spiritual kick up the backside – Book Launch

So just in time for Christmas I have a new book available for you to buy, read and be inspired by. My last book Reflections got rave reviews and you may even have read it, and now I bring the long awaited sequel – “A Spiritual Kick Up The Backside” – lots more devotions, some humour, a funky Christmas section and more.
And as if that wasn’t enough, to celebrate the launch, you can save 25% on the already low price until November 29th (just for all you cheapskates…) if you use the code CYBERUK when you order (may not work for people outside the UK, sorry!)

If you have read my devotional articles on All4God, you’ll now what to expect. If you haven’t, this is a great way to find out what sort of stuff you’ve been missing!
So how can you get a copy of this new book, hot off the press and into your hands? Just go to: the Lulu book store and place a wee order for yourself, your friends, your family, people at church, your neighbour, anyone (the more copies you order the cheaper the postage is per copy, plus at less than £4.20 with the discount it makes a great recession friendly present!)

ASKUTB is £5.50 before the discount, foreign prices will vary with exchange rates and what not. And if you are into your ebooks you can get an ebook edition for just £2 which should play nicely with your Kindle, Ipad, iPhone or other ebook reading device of choice.

Are you ready to be shaken up a little? Are you ready to let God speak to you? Are you ready to start really living for Him? Are you ready for a faith that impacts how you live every day? Are you ready to show what is important is “faith expressing itself through love?” Are you ready for a spiritual kick up the backside? A Spiritual Kick up the Backside is the sequel to Pete’s first book, Reflections. Containing a collection of devotions to make you laugh, make you think, draw you closer to God, and hopefully give you a bit of a kick up the backside, in a spiritual way.

Order at http://www.all4God.co.uk/kickbook – use discount code CYBERUK, save 25%, get book, read book, fly. (NB last step optional…)
Thanks very much!

(Remember, order by November 29th to save 25%)

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