Adore (Dec 2)

This advent we are focusing on adoring Jesus, the one who is worthy of all our affection.

Adoring Jesus means treasuring Him above all.

It means putting Him first in our thoughts.

It means giving our time to Him.

Adoring Jesus means surrendering control to Him.

It means trusting him.

Even when it makes no sense, trusting Him.

Adoring Jesus means not making a main thing out of lesser things

It means being aware they we are not important but He is

We are small, He is big

Adoring Jesus means making unpopular choices

It means sacrificing

Giving up our time, our money, our popularity

Adoring Jesus is what we are called to

This advent, as we look to Christmas, make sure it is Jesus you are adoring rather than any lesser thing.

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Pete McM
The original founder of All4God, Pete is 26, lives in Northern Ireland, is a junior doctor, Ulster fan and is passionate about Jesus