Just wanted to let you know what I’d be up to over the next few weeks. I’m going out to Albany, New York with a team from the Down and Dromore Church of Ireland Youth Department to help out at the Beaver Cross Christian Summer Camp.

There are eight of us heading out, we leave on Friday 17th July and return to NI on August 5th.

Beaver Cross has all sorts of outdoor activities for the young people going to camp, there’s all worship and Christian education sessions, there are people of secondary school age staying over at the camp, and younger people coming for ‘day camp’. Our main focus will be in running the Christian ed for the day camp, but when that isn’t on we’ll be helping out just in whatever is needed in the running of the camp.

It looks like it is a pretty class camp, there are lots of young people coming, and hopefully the weather out there will be a bit better than the Northern Ireland climate too.

Prayer Points:

Safety in travel and health

Team unity (we haven’t had any meetings with the full team present at the one time yet…)

That the kids would be impacted at camp, through the activities, through worship, through random conversations etc

For the Christian Ed stuff we are doing

That we would be a help to the running of the camp in general

Friendships between us and the Americans

That it would have a great impact on us too

Also just to reassure you, All4God will still be updated will I am away thanks to the power of WordPress’s post scheduler, may even have internet access to post an update on how things are going in Albany at some point.

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