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Due to a guest post I have going live on the massively popular (and when regular author Jon is writing for it, insanely funny) StuffChristiansLike website today I expect there will be one or two people checking out All4God for the first time today. So I wanted to say “Hi!” And also introduce things a little.

Who am I? I’m Pete, a 22 year old medical student from Northern Ireland. I’m a Christian, sports fan (Stand Up For The UlsterMen!) and I tend to spend my summers working at Beaver Cross Bible Camp in Greenwich, New York.

All4God is all about living out your faith. About seeking God 100% 24/7/365, not just on Sundays. It is all about sharing with the world what Jesus has done for us. By telling them the Good News, and also by showing them great love. Being the hands and feet of Christ to a world in need.

What I do on All4God is share devotionals to inspire you in your walk with God. I tend to try to make them entertaining, with jokes, funny anecdotes from my experiences as a Bible Camp counselor and when I can I like to throw in Christian chat-up lines too. I also get sent free books and CDs from time to time, so I do reviews of those, and also of books and CDs that I have actually bought myself and think worthy of recommending. (I am willing to do reviews of Christian cruises if anyone wants to send me a review pass…)

So if you want to check out some of what you can expect on All4God, here are a few good articles to start with:

Moving to where your feet can’t touch the ground



No one can come to the Father except through me

If My People

And it would be rude not to highlight my collection of Christian Chat-up lines too…

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The original founder of All4God, Pete is 26, lives in Northern Ireland, is a junior doctor, Ulster fan and is passionate about Jesus