One of the main focuses of All4God are the teaching articles. So what can you expect from them? Well, expect articles that will help you live all4God, articles that will help you live out your faith, articles that will encourage you to get practical, and challenge you to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Don’t expect too much deep insight into issues like predestination or the relevance of the book of Song of Songs to modern life. That’s not what this site is about. There are many other Christian websites out there that already cover those sort of issues. This site is about helping you walk the talk, giving it your all and advancing the Kingdom. All the articles are split into different topics to help you easily find an article to fit your current mood. To the left of the site you will see a list of topics, along with the number of articles currently in that section – to access the articles just click a Topic name, and you will see all articles in that topic. And if you want to now more about what you’ll find in each section, check out the handy guide below:
This section contains all the core articles on all4God. If you’re a newcomer to the site we recommend you start here to find out what all4God is about and learn what living all4God means for your life.

It’s time to get practical. In the words of Galatians 5v6 ‘What is important is faith expressing itself in love’. Live out your faith.

Articles to help you grow in your faith, your understanding and your love of God.

Short and sweet articles for when you are short of time, or just want a quick to read article Action
Practical articles that link in to a specific action you can carry out to apply your faith

Articles that relate living for God with specific actions you can take right now to live out your faith

Articles that focus on what faith in God means for our lives, and try to help you grow in faith

Sometimes we get to interview Christian musicians and speakers about what they do – you can read those articles in the Interviews section.

Loving God and loving people. Love is about much more than romance, as the articles in this section will point out.

One of the most important parts of the Christian life is prayer, so we have a section of articles devoted to it!

Check out the latest Christian CD reviews here.

Articles that specifically focus on worship and how we should worship God can be found in the worship section.

(Please note that some articles will be in more than one section)