Smile – spread the joy

“Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again—rejoice!” Philippians 4v4 How’s that for a command? Be full of joy in the Lord. Not just when we feel good, or when we can see Him working in our lives, or when things are going our way, but always. He has done so…

Prayer Action Change

Prayer is the spark for big things. It involves getting close to God, and results with our hearts being touched by him. Prayer unleashes huge potential as God fills us with ideas, guides us as to his will, shows us the issues on his heart and urges us to do something about it. When we…


Cadia by Cadia Cadia is the debut album of the group of the same name, containing tracks with a Christian message. Consisting of vocalists Courtney Myers and Tori Smith, Cadia appear onto the music scene something of an unknown entity. Slotting neatly into the soft-rock category, Cadia nevertheless manage to separate themselves sufficiently from the…

Welcome to All4God

Young people uniting
Standing as one
Working to advance the kingdom
To reach lives, to touch souls
Being a generation that seeks God’s face

Loved by the King

You might have heard the latest Matt Redman album “Beautiful News”. On it there is a song “If you know you are loved by the King” which has a line in the chorus “If you know you are loved by the King, then live for him, live for him, live for him.” As Christians we…

Stand Out

There is a real need for us as Christians not just to stand up for what we believe, but to stand out. The world judges us on what it sees, and if it looks at the church and just sees people living pretty similar lives to non-Christian, except with the odd wee bit of abstinence…


Imagine a world where people are judged purely on what they have achieved Where appearance, or fame, or social status don’t matter Imagine a world where black and white could walk hand in hand without fear of attack A world without ghettos A world without ‘no-go’ zones Imagine a world where place of birth didn’t…

True love

True love is not a shiny red heart or a box of chocolates. True love is not expressed by the giving of a rose. True love is more than this. True love flows from the cross – the ultimate symbol of love. True love is not limited to those who love you. True is shown…

The Heart of Worship

When you hear the word ‘worship’ what do you immediately thing of? I’m guessing the image that’ll come into your head is of the typical Sunday morning church congregation singing hymns, or maybe a more youth orientated event like Summer Madness/Manafest.

And while singing is a part of worship, there is so, so much more to it than that. It’s a way of life.

You’ll probably be familiar with the Matt Redman song ‘The Heart of Worship’. I’m going to be using it to help explore just what is the heart of worship.

‘I’ll bring You more than a


You may be familiar with the idea that if you are a Christian you have been called by God, but what does that actually mean for us? What have we been called to, and how can we respond to that call?