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Relfections coverAttention folks! Everyone likes a bargin right? And hopefully most of you reading this like the regular devotional content you get on All4God too. Want to combine the two? A while back I put together a collection of 45 devotions in a book entitled Reflections.Reflections covers a huge range of topics to help you live all4God, ranging from prayer, worship, what it means to be called by God, acountability, making a difference for Jesus, living out your faith, spiritual warfare and Christian unity to nam but a few. And as well as that I’ve even thrown in some Appendixes for added value, as they seem to be the done thing in Christian books…

Reflections has been read by people of all ages, even though when I was writing it I was originally aiming at teens/young adults. But there have been quite a few older folk have read it too and have had only positive stuff to say about it (at least in my earshot anyway…). If you’ve read some of my devotions you’ll know what to expect.

And for about the past year it has been on sale online for £8.49 by the time postage was taken into account. BUT for a limited time only (until 11.59pm on May 5th to be precise) you can get Reflections posted out to you for just £5 (or your local currency equivalent) – saving yourself £3.49. To do so you have to buy it through (the publishers) and use this special discount code when prompted when you hit the checkout button: FREEMAILUK305 – this code will remove the postage costs of £2.99, and I have also lowered the actual book price too. NB: You may need to change the postal type – when I was testing it the default postal option selected is Express – obviously express costs more, and so unless you are in a desperate rush (and I don’t blame you if you are!) I’d suggest changing it to the standard.

If you are reading this on the All4God site, below is a 12 page preview – unless you have awesome eyesight you’ll want to hit the fullscreen button on it to be able to actually read it- with a handy ‘Buy now’ button attached should you feel so inclined. Those of you reading on Facebook/RSS readers/email subscriptions/some random place I don’t know about – click this link to get more info and to buy Reflections.

Huge thanks to anyone who buys this – not so much from an ‘I get a little cut of the sale price’ point, but more from an ego point – it’s always feels statisfying when someone buys something that I wrote. And I pray God uses it to speak to you. If I was a televangelist I’d be able to say He will use it to bless you many, many times in return when you buy it, but I’m not, so I can’t make those guarantees.


NB: on the back cover and in the introduction I mention that the book is being sold to fundraise for a team I went on last summer to help at a Christian camp in Albany, New York. Obviously that was last summer and so I have finished fundraising for that. But I am going back to the same camp  independently this summer, and so all proceeds will go towards funding that.

NB2: In the dedications I mention ‘The girl who doesn’t have a clue’ – for those who got the book last year and have been wondering, I can confirm that to the best of my knowledge  she still doesn’t have a clue. (And at this stage is unlikely ever to…)

Disclaimer: Yes, I benefit to an extent if you buy this book (for each copy sold I get just over £1). Should I be promoting something that I gain from on All4God? In this case, given that I wrote the book, will be using the money to help fund spending my summer doing evangelical work, and am only promoting it because it is a time-limited chance for you to get it cheaper, I think it is OK.

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