God's Great Dance Floor Step 01 Review

Growing up one of my first experiences with contemporary Christian music was listening to Delirious? albums, and then seeing them live. For a long time their music was the soundtrack to my walk with God. Sadly like most bands the time came for them to call it a day back in 2009. But now Martin Smith is back with a solo career, with his new album God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01 out now (and Step 02 coming later this year).

Martin’s voice will be instantly familiar to anyone who was a fan of Delirious?, and on this solo album he offers a similar light rock style of music, but with a more modern twist. On tracks such as Back to the start there are some dancefloor loops, while the fantastic Jesus of Nazareth is a quality toe-tapper country hoedown worship tune.

Compared to some of the Delirious? albums that aimed to impact the mainstream this is an out and out worship album, full of passionate songs of praise that just beg to be sung along with, and are full of reminders of God’s faithfulness and how His love never gives up on us. Another favourite track for me is Back to the Start which starts as a slow ballad about waiting for God and surrendering fully to Him, and then transforms into a full-on pop dance anthem about how God never gives up on us, no matter how far we run. (The second half on the song is actually God’s Great Dance Floor). Another highlight is Catch every tear drop which is a soft, very personal ballad about an almost fatal car crash Martin went through near the start of Delirious?’s career, and how God was with Him through that and how He is with us too in times of sorrow.

If you were a fan of Delirious? and want some fresh new passionate praise songs that have a similar sound to the classic Delirious? hits then check out God’s Great Dance Floor Step 01.

(Disclaimer – I was sent a free review copy before the album was released so have been enjoying it for the past month. I did not have to write a positive review)

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