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This December, in the run up to Christmas I want to invite you to come on a journey of reflection, taking time to ponder the amazing truth at the centre of the celebration – Heaven touching earth. Heaven Touching Earth is a daily devotional for the days leading up to Christmas from December first that will help you stay focused on what Christmas is all about – the arrival of Jesus as our long awaited serpent crusher, the light of the world that left the throne to reach out to us and offer us hope in the midst of our darkness. It is a daily reminder to share that truth with those around us. A daily reminder that God is with us in the times of waiting and uncertainty. A daily reminder that God is sovereign over all and that He causes all things to work according to His plan A, which has been in place from before the world began – a plan to show us grace. A daily reminder that out of love Jesus came down to earth to reach out to us, heaven touching earth, reaching out to us, making a way back to the Father. Making a way where all our own efforts to impress God fall short. Making a way through His blood shed on the cross for us to know forgiveness. Making a way for us to come before the throne of God and receive mercy and grace rather than judgement and condemnation. Get the devotional here

The reflections in this devotional were written during advent 2014, one written each day of advent in a variety of coffee shops around Belfast and London. Special mention to Established Coffee in Belfast whose Christmas blend and chocolate cake fuelled a lot of the writing of this book, and also to Starbucks and Clements. The idea for writing a devotional each day of advent, and the theme of Heaven Touching Earth came while at church at Redeemer Central, Belfast on November 30th – I had just finished a night shift and went to church so was somewhat sleep deprived but God inspired me to attempt this ambitious project of writing every day for 24 days on the theme of Christmas. I had no idea how I would find the time to do it, or how I would find enough to write to fill all the days, but each day God provided fresh inspiration and the resulting devotions are now gathered together for you to read day by day this advent season as you take time to pause, reflect on what Christmas is all about and spend time in prayerful response.

Heaven Touching Earth is available NOW on amazon as a paperback or kindle ebook so you van read it on your phone, on your tablet, your computer, your TV, your watch, whatever suits you.

heaven touching earth

The paperback edition is £5 and on Kindle it is £3.50 – profits will be going to OpenDoors to support their work of making Bibles and Christian literature available in countries that currently have poor access to the Gospel. Rather than get an advent calendar that will rot your teeth, this year get one that will help you grow closer to God and will help people encounter Him for the first time. Buy it now on Amazon, and get some for your church/small group too

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