I wait

A poem, dedicated to my future spouse. Will you join me in making it your prayer if you are not yet married?

I wait

I don’t know you
But I know some day I will
So I wait for you
And as I wait, I will pray
I pray you would grow in faith
I pray you would seek God’s face
I pray you would cherish His word
I wait for the day when your fingers fill the gaps
Between my own
But for know I wait with hands raised in prayer
Praying I could keep myself pure as I wait for you
Praying my eyes would not look at another with lust as I wait for you.
I know there will come a day when you say “I Do”
And we will be together until death us do part
But until that day I wait to awaken love
I wait, trusting my Father
Trusting He knows how to give good gifts
I wait expectantly
Knowing you will be worth the wait
Knowing I won’t regret holding out for you.
And there will come a day when we seek God together
When I lead you to know Him more
And you teach me to love Him more
But for now I wait
Praying I would be ready for you when our paths cross
Praying I would grow in faith so I can serve you better
Praying you keep growing in faith so you can serve me too
I wait for you
And as I wait, I will pray for you, my future love.


Some day I will figure out who this is dedicated to. Til then I’ll wait. And pray.

guy waiting


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