Let's hear it for New York

Hello jetlag! So yesterday I moved to New York for the summer to work once more at Beaver Cross Christian camp, where I will be trying to do all I can to point young people to Jesus, and to show them that the Christian life isn’t dull and boring but full of all sorts of epicness. I will be trying to post various updates of lessons God teaches me over the summer, and no doubt if previous years are anything to go by there will be plenty of inspiration for All4God posts.

So if I could ask for you to pray for Beaver Cross over the next couple of months that would be much appreciated – pray that the campers that come would be accepting of the Christian message that will be presented to them, that there would be a big, genuine, lasting commitment made by the campers, and that as staff I and my co-workers would be able to say to them as Paul did, “follow me as I follow Christ”. Thanks

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Pete McM
The original founder of All4God, Pete is 26, lives in Northern Ireland, is a junior doctor, Ulster fan and is passionate about Jesus