We have a problem (Dec 23)

We have a problem, you and me

See we’ve all rebelled against holy God

You can argue your innocence

But death is the proof

Our rebellion is sin and sin leads to death

So we have a problem, you and me

For we all break God’s laws

We all fall short of His standards

Our greed, our anger, the little white lies

The road rage, the pride, the lust in our eyes

Our verdict is guilty, our judgement is death

But God. Is. Love

God our Father he made us

Male and female in his image he formed us

He loves us, He wants us

He knows our hearts

Those deep secret thoughts

And still He wants us

And still He loves us

So though our sin leaves us deserving of Hell

The story doesn’t end when we rebel

For as part of our Father’s amazing divine plan

Jesus the Son became a man

Born in Bethlehem that first Christmas night

Come to save us all from our plight

The perfect One, born in a manger

The spotless lamb, come to be our life changer

Out of love Jesus came down to the world He created

Even though He knew He would be rejected and hated

He spoke of the love the Father has for us

And in return we nailed him to a cross

The Son of God was hung on a tree

Bleeding He died there for you and for me

He took the punishment we deserve

He took our place in an act of amazing grace

But death could not hold Him down

On the third day He rose again triumphant

The power of sin and death was broken

Now we can be free because of His grace most abundant

We have a problem, you and me

But Jesus offers the solution for free

Forgiveness of sins, life everlasting

The greatest gift of all, that’s why at Christmas we sing

Joy to the world, our Lord has come!



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Pete McM
The original founder of All4God, Pete is 26, lives in Northern Ireland, is a junior doctor, Ulster fan and is passionate about Jesus